The Folkloric Company called the "Quadrille Occitan" was created in 1973 by a group of early dancers, fervent lovers of folk dance and "Occitan" tradition. After a few local, then regional performances, the group rapidly became known and appreciated.

During the summer holidays 1974, the troupe was invited to the Marburg-Biedenkopft International Festival in West Germany where it got a real success. The first contacts with other groups from neigh-bowing country where thus facilitated. Owing to a thorough work, we were able to improve our stage performance, our costumes, but also the choreography and music of our show.

On tour, the troupe is composed of eight couples of dancers, three to four accordionists, and one clarinettist. The members of the group are amateurs from different social, cultural, political and religious backgrounds.

Our performance, which is one and half hours long, has been well appreciated from the Black Sea to Saint-Laurent in Canada, as well as in the Mediterranean and English speaking countries.

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